Spiritual Life

Our Mission Statement ‘to be the best that you can be’ is not simply a mantra that is repeated by children and staff or something that is just displayed around our school. The staff, children, parents and Governors work hard to ensure that everyone within our school community is able to achieve personal excellence so that our Mission Statement is lived out daily.

As a Catholic school it is imperative that we strive for excellence for ourselves, the children and colleagues. It ensures that we recognise the uniqueness of the individual, made in God's image and loved by him. The search for excellence is also an integral part of the spiritual life of the school.

We know that children and staff will only achieve personal excellence in an environment where they feel valued and loved, part of our school family. Everyone in our school has a responsibility to ensure that the Gospel values are evident in our school in all the interactions that take place and that they underpin all the policies in place. We believe we are a school family as our name suggests.

As a Catholic school we recognise that the children in our school are unique, made in the image of God. We have the highest standards for each other and hope to create a safe and nurturing environment, we know that we can challenge one another and the children so that we can all be our very best. It is in this way that we hope the Holy Family School community can give glory to God.