On 4 January 2021, the Government announced that it was no longer fair for the Summer 2021 examination series for GCSE, A/AS Level, Project Qualifications and Advanced Extension Award in maths to go ahead due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Our Centre Policy sets out how we will award grades this summer, including how we will work with the awarding organisations to ensure the process is fair and robust. 

Teachers will use a range of evidence to award each grade and, although they may share individual scores with the students, they may not share the final grade.  Final grades will be provided on results days on 10 August for A/AS levels (Level 3 qualifications) and 12 August for GCSE (Level 2 qualifications). The type of evidence may take the form of some or all the following, considering whether the tasks were completed with high, medium, or low levels of control: 

  • Classwork and homework tasks
  • Exam board assessment material
  • Mock examinations 
  • Coursework and assignments
  • Art portfolios and recorded practical work in subjects like PE and music. 

We have internal quality assurance processes and will collaborate with the awarding organisations where external quality assurance sampling is required, which will include participating in a virtual visit.  Details of this process are found in our Centre Policy and in the JCQ Guidance documentation. 

JCQ information

Exam information

Becky Bell is the contact for enquires about exams exams-officer@holyfamilyhighschool.co.uk