Welcome to the Drama Department

Head of Department - Mr A. McTeague

Drama plays an important role in the development of children's confidence.  Drama helps prepare students for their performances in life, whether on or off stage, developing vital skills such as the ability to communicate well and work creatively in a team. It’s a subject that teaches on many levels – from the physicality of movement and the exploration of emotions to the academic, intellectual and imaginative study of plays and theatre practitioners.


The Drama Department boasts a well-qualified and committed Drama teacher who delivers Drama Lessons in a well-equipped, spacious Drama Hall. We have an excellent lighting rig, superior sound equipment that can be controlled at the click of a button and utilised in every Drama lesson.



Love of drama and performance


Drama Key Stage 3 Curriculum Maps

Drama Key Stage 4 Curriculum Maps


Whole School Play

Each year we stage a school production which provides an opportunity for the whole school to get involved. In addition to acting and performing, we are always looking for pupils with the following skills: good business acumen to market the show; art and set design skills to create our stunning scenery; the technical know-how to operate the AV equipment. We are currently investing a significant amount of money into the Drama Department in order to allow pupils to reach their full potential.

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