Year 7 PGL trip - 9th - 11th March 2022

Quotes from Pupils

Eve Godsall

PGL was the best, I have been before in primary school and it was good but it was good to make new friends. And my favourite activity was raft building because I love making things and I would definitely go back there.


Mia Ksiazek

I had an amazing time at PGL! There were so many fun activities we could engage in. One of my favourite activities was the challenge course. We had to climb over and under things, but the best part of this activity was getting mud everywhere. Another activity that I really enjoyed was the puzzle challenges. Here we had to use our brains. We had to build a rocket using ropes and teamwork. There were many other interesting activities. Overall, I really enjoyed PGL, and if I had the opportunity to go again, I definitely would!

Megan Moore

This month we went to PGL, and the experience was really exciting. There was a variety of different activities, so you could never get bored on the trip. It was a brilliant opportunity to make lots of new friends that I still talk to at school now.  I made lots of amazing memories with all my friends. This was definitely one of the best school trips I have ever been on, we should do it every year. 

Emily Samra

I thought PGL was amazing, all the activities were so fun. Although I have to say my favourite one was the giant swing because you could go so high and the feeling in your tummy when the swing dropped was funny! I think that PGL helped me get closer to my friends and spend more time and learn more about them. We all had a blast. All the nighttime activities were awesome, and the meals were nice. Curfew was a reasonable time too; my cabin wasn’t too tired in the mornings for the activities. Overall, I loved PGL and would like to go again. 


Jess Young

My experience at PGL was really fun and the activities were amazing. The activities I really enjoyed were the giant swing and raft building. The giant swing is really scary but when I was up there and we swung it felt so cool. The raft building was fun but it was really cold especially when you get to jump in at the end. We got to share a room with some of our friends but we all got put in different groups so we could make some new friends too. I would really recommend going on this trip because it’s fun and you get to make some new friends.

Year 8 PGL trip - 7th - 9th March 2022

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Quotes from Pupils

Jack Hanratty

I really enjoyed the raft building as we had good fun on the water. I felt more independent, I also enjoyed having a nice time with my friends.


Joseph Purslow
First, when we got to PGL we got put into our activity groups and then we were sent to our rooms and then went to an activity. My favourite was the giant swing and the zip-line and the food was OK and the only drink we had was orange juice but I really liked it.


Mason Runeckles

My time at PGL was boss and it was worth the time. It was good spending a lot of time with my mates and enjoying the activities with them. I enjoyed the water raft building because it made me learn more skills about team working. I also liked the campfire at the end because it was a nice laugh and joke


Alicia Thompson
My experience at PGL was amazing! I enjoyed it so much and participated in all of the activities possible. It was my birthday on the 2nd day and it was great to celebrate it there. The PGL staff and teachers even surprised me with a birthday cake! The activities I enjoyed the most were: the giant swing, abseiling, the zip wire, and the mud course. Although the giant swing hurt my legs, I loved the excitement and I loved seeing the sunset from a high view. I also really enjoyed abseiling, at first I was very anxious and quite scared about it as I had never done it before but once I completed it, I was very proud of myself. The zip wire was fun as I could see most of PGL from up at the top. And finally the mud course, my friends and I were covered top to bottom in mud, the experience was disgusting but hilarious. The night time activities were also really good. My favourite was the photo challenge where we had to take photos of certain things we were told to, for example, we had to take a photo inside of a photo, so we took a photo in the window. I also really enjoyed the other night time activity, which was the campfire. We sat around a campfire and sang oddly mesmerising songs. It was a good laugh. I hope we get to go back soon!

Sixth Form trip - 7th - 11th March 2022


Whole School Well-being day - 11th February 2022


Christmas Market


Year 7 CHET (Crosby Hall Educational Trust)

We took the whole of Year 7 off to CHET for a day of team building activities just a few days after they had started at Holy Family.  Everyone in the year group took part in the activities, which focused on teamwork and perseverance.  This was a great opportunity for them to get to know each other, work together and have some fun.  It was also an opportunity for form tutors to get to know their form outside of the classroom environment.

The comments from pupils and staff on the days showed how much they seemed to have enjoyed themselves and helped them to settle in.