Holy Family Catholic High School is dedicated to creating a community that is characterised by caring and positive relationships. We aim to provide an outstanding education, with a curriculum that is broad, balanced, inspiring and inclusive for all pupils; giving them an education that raises their aspirations throughout their lives, both in the workplace and in the wider community.

Our core value of ‘be the best you can be’ means that we have planned a curriculum with the intention that students can fulfil their potential, no matter what their starting point.

This value is reflected in all elements of our curriculum and embedded in the rationale for curriculum choices offered at all Key Stages.

Pupils are prepared for adult life by:

  • being enabled to play an active role in their school and community;
  • having the foundations for culturally rich and diverse lives;
  • becoming an active citizen in their local community;
  • being empowered to think about issues and understand a range of varied opinions.


At Holy Family Catholic High School, pupils learn in a safe, supportive environment where they develop the confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills to be effective learners and become active, purposeful and responsible citizens of the future. Pupils are equipped for their futures in a rapidly-changing world, recognising the importance of communication for dialogue and understanding. We value, celebrate and build on pupils’ Roman Catholic heritage and encourage mutual respect for those with different faiths and beliefs.

All pupils are given the opportunity to learn the benefits of physically and emotionally healthy lifestyles, by participating in high-quality Personal, Social and Health Education.  Embedded in this programme are the LORIC principles of leadership, organisation, resilience, independence and character delivered through a discrete ‘Character and Culture’ programme. These sessions are supported and complemented by a wealth of enrichment activities and the school's comprehensive system of pastoral support through our experience student services team in the ‘POD’.   ‘Character and Culture’ is one way in which we support the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils and promote fundamental British values, but a comprehensive form tutor and assembly programme also supports this work.

We follow the school’s Safeguarding Policy in full at all times (please see ‘Safeguarding Policy’).


The curriculum promotes learning through a wide range of teaching and learning approaches that develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to succeed in both academic requirements and life in a modern, globalised world. 

At Holy Family Catholic High School, we consider literacy and numeracy to be life skills. Literacy is a proficiency that is developed not just in English, but across the whole curriculum. It involves learners having the confidence to read, write, speak and listen competently and clearly.  We have a particular emphasis on developing level 3 subject specific vocabulary so that pupils can communicate correctly in each subject area. As pupils progress through school and engage with subject areas more deeply, concepts become more challenging. Pupils learn writing and reading strategies- using evidence and reasoning pertinent to each subject area- to comprehend, represent, and further develop knowledge.

Similarly, numeracy is developed not just in mathematics, but also across the whole curriculum. It involves learners having the confidence and competence to use numbers and measures effectively. It requires an understanding of the number system, recalling mathematical techniques, and an ability to solve problems in a variety of contexts. A practical understanding of graphs, charts, tables and diagrams is an important aspect of numeracy.

Oracy is also developed across the curriculum and is an area of focus.  It involves learners having the confidence to speak clearly and communicate appropriately with a variety of audiences.  Students are encouraged to debate, present, recite and deliver in front of their peers, staff and parents. 


Various assessment methods are used at Holy Family Catholic High School to identify an individual pupil’s strengths and areas for development; to assist in identifying the need for intervention to close gaps in knowledge; and to help track progress over time. In addition, assessment helps provide information for parents, pupils and teachers on the standards that a pupil has met. Assessment is part of an over-arching strategy which systematically collects data to record pupil progress. All departments have an assessment scheme tailored to the requirements of their subject, which reflects and supports whole school assessment expectations.



At Key Stage 3, all students follow the National Curriculum by studying English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Geography, History, ICT and computing, French and Spanish, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Religious Education and Technology. All students have a personal development plan and discrete taught lessons where the citizenship, relationships and sex education and broader themes are explored.  The Key Stage 3 curriculum develops a strong foundation for a wide range of subject areas, strengthening skills and building knowledge required for further study, whilst striving to develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning.


Key Stage 4 is introduced in Year 10. Our Options process is based on the interests, abilities and aptitude of pupils and they are supported at an individual level to help them choose the subjects that are right for them. We have fair and equal access to all qualifications.  We offer a range of GCSE and Vocational qualifications and adapt these every year to meet the needs of the cohort. Students are encouraged to follow the English Baccalaureate pathway.  All pupils study English, mathematics, combined science and religious education. In addition, all pupils take part in timetabled physical education.


Pupils are offered a varied diet of academic A-Levels and Vocational qualifications that cater for Level 3 needs, challenging and spurring pupils to compete for places at Russell Group Universities and for Apprenticeships. Courses are available in a wide range of subjects and guidance is given in helping pupils to choose the subjects that are right for them and their future plans.

More information about the subject content delivered at all Key Stages and a full list of Key Stage 4 and 5 courses, can be found in the Curriculum section of the school’s website.


Pupils access impartial careers information and advice that inspires and motivates them to fulfil their potential. In addition, the personal development programme offers a valuable insight into the wide ranging options available to pupils after school, allowing them to develop personalised career goals.



The curriculum is enhanced and enriched in a variety of ways, offering support and challenge via a range of subject-linked opportunities and extra-curricular activities. Many educational visits take place throughout the year and visitors bring expert knowledge through projects, workshops and performances. There are a number of clubs and groups that pupils can choose to engage with in order to gain additional experiences and opportunities in wider curriculum areas.

Holy Family Catholic High is engaged with:

  • Nuffield Research Bursary projects
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme
  • The National Citizenship Service
  • Instrumental lessons via Sefton Music Services
  • Whole school productions
  • Salter’s Chemistry competitions
  • STEM Initiatives
  • UK Maths Challenge
  • Crest Awards through the British Association for Science
  • Sports Leaders UK
  • Everton Free School
  • Further Mathematics Institute
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Edge Hill University
  • Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance First Aid.

We also engage with a wide range of local and national employers as part of our careers programme.

For further details on any curriculum issues, please contact the Deputy Headteacher- Curriculum.