Holy Family Menu

Price List

Buttered Toast 30p Meal of the Day (meal & Pudding) £2.20
Crumpet 40p    
Toast with Jam or Marmalade 45p Main Meal only £2.00
Toasted Bagel 65p Pasta King Small £1.60
Cereal 65p                    Large £2.00
1 Sausage on Toast 80p Plated Salad £1.95
Cheese on Toast 80p Salad Pot 90p
PK Pockets £1.10 Salad Box £2.00
Bacon or 2 Sausage or Egg Bap £1.20 Jacket Potato Plain £1.00
Bacon or 2 Sausage on Toast £1.20 Jacket Potato with 1 Filling £1.50
    Extra Filling 45p
DRINKS   Pizza Slice £1.15
Tea 50p Home Made Soup & Roll £1.00
Coffee 75p Home Made Pasties, Pie or Quiche £1.00
Hot Chocolate 75p    
Fresh Milk 20p Oven Baked Potato Wedges £1.30
Fruit Juice Cuplet 30p Chipped Potatoes 8oz £1.30
Bottled Water Small 45p Hash Browns Each 30p
Bottled Water Large         70p Vegetables 45p
Fresh Fruit Carton 55p Baked beans 50p
Capri Sun Pouch 200ml 65p    
Fruit Rush 330ml 90p Gravy Portion 30p
Appletizer 80p Sauce Portion 15p
Mini Maid Can 80p    
Slush 80p    
Bottled Milk Shake £1.00    
Oasis £1.05    
Plain Sandwiches £1.25 Pudding & Custard 75p
Sandwiches with Salad £1.35 Muffin 75p
Filled Baps £1.20 Home Made Flap Jack 75p
Filled Bap with Salad £1.35 Iced Cake/Bun 75p
Baguette - Small £1.25 Grapes Pot 75p
Baguette – Large One Filling £2.00 Home Made Biscuit 65p
                             Two Fillings £2.30 Fresh Fruit Salad 65p
Wraps £2.00 Crackers & Cheese 65p
Cold Pasta Pot Small £1.20 Yoghurt 55p
                         Large £1.95 Individual Fresh Fruit from 25p
Filled Pitta Bread £1.95    
Panini One Filling £2.00    
           Two Fillings £2.30