BEST Resource Base

Bespoke Education Skills and Teaching

Head of Curriculum for KS3: Mrs K. Samra
Head of Curriculum for KS4: Mrs D. McTeague


At Holy Family High School, we have a ‘Bespoke Education Skills and Teaching’ (BEST) Resource Base for pupils who transfer up from Year 6 into 7 with Education Health Care Plans, whose primary area of need is cognition and learning and who are working more than three years below their chronological age on arrival.   

At Key Stage 3, part of their subject delivery is provided by a primary school teacher mirroring the curriculum of their peers in the mainstream but delivered at an appropriate level to allow for access. These subjects are delivered simultaneously to their mainstream peers to allow fluidity between the two should a pupil in the BEST provision become mainstream ready in a particular subject.   

At Key Stage 4, pupils accessing the BEST provision follow a bespoke pathway tailored to their cognition and learning needs which can include entry level pathways in core subjects, level one and level two options with BTEC subjects and additionally, access to an ASDAN Award and an NCFE qualification in Food and Cookery skills. Pupils are also able to access GCSE options where this is appropriate.

Key Stage 3 BEST Base Curriculum Offer

Bespoke Education Skills and Teaching

Head of Curriculum: Mrs K. Samra

Our KS3 cognition and learning base offers a bespoke learning experience, matched to the needs of each individual pupil. Whilst the curriculum is sequenced to mirror that being taught in our mainstream lessons, learning objectives are broken down into small, achievable steps and learning is scaffolded with multi-sensory activities and explicit teaching of key vocabulary. Pupils work at their unique challenge point to frequently revisit and build on prior learning, extend their subject knowledge and develop subject specific skills lesson on lesson.

Our aim is to ensure that we create a positive learning environment where every pupil is given the individual support and encouragement that they need to achieve their full potential and thrive both academically and personally.

Maths, English, Science, R.E, Geography and History lessons are taught by a small team of specialist teaching staff, enabling us to quickly build strong, positive relationships, develop pupils’ self-esteem and raise confidence in their own abilities. We consistently model and promote positive attitudes towards learning and embed this through meaningful activities that are planned to help learners recognise and celebrate their strengths. Whilst we support our pupils in a nurturing environment, we also aim to equip them with the skills and mindset to become successful, independent, resilient, life-long learners.

Key Stage 4

Bespoke Education Skills and Teaching

Head of Curriculum: Mrs D. McTeague

At Key Stage 4, pupils accessing the BEST provision follow a bespoke pathway tailored to their cognition and learning needs which can include entry level pathways in core subjects, level one qualifications within BTEC subjects and additionally, access to an ASDAN Award and an NCFE qualification in Food and Cookery skills.


Furthermore, this bespoke pathway is underpinned by the quest to provide the opportunities for pupils to be able to achieve the absolute best outcomes of which they are capable, so as well as accessing appropriate KS4 qualifications in accordance with ability, pupils are also able to access GCSE and BTEC level two options where this is appropriate. Parents and Carers work together with school staff to look at pathways which provides pupils with the skills and qualifications they need in order to take the next step into Key Stage 5 as they prepare for adulthood.  


Head of Department - Mrs McTeague

ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) programmes and qualifications are nationally recognised and well regarded by Further/Higher Education such as colleges and universities, as well as employers. Achieving an ASDAN accredited course shows a pupils ability to engage in learning and develop personal, social and work related skills as well and improving their Maths and English.


ASDAN at Holy Family Catholic High School

At Holy Family Catholic High School, pupils study for their Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate in Personal Development.

The modules of study are:

• Communication

• My community

• Sport and leisure

• Independent living

• My environment

• Number handling

• Health and wellbeing

• World of work

• Science and technology

• The wider world

• Expressive arts

• Beliefs and values


Curriculum Maps

NCFE Food and Cookery

The Level 1/2 Technical Award in Food and Cookery is designed for learners who want an introduction to food and cookery that includes a vocational and project-based element. The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to pursue a career in the food industry or progress onto further study. It is studied over two years and is made up of two final assessments both of which take place towards the end of Year 11. Pupils will sit an externally-set written exam (40%) and a practical exam (60%).

Over the two-year period, pupils will study the modules below as well as have the opportunity to attend and be shown around different food establishments to get a practical feel and understanding of the subject. This will also be of great benefit to the synoptic element of the exam.


Module 1: Health and Safety Relating to Food, Nutrition and the Cooking Environment.

Module 2: Food Legislation and Food Provenance.

Module 3: Food Groups, Key Nutrients and a Balanced Diet.

Module 4: Factors Affecting Food Choice.

Module 5: Food Preparation, Cooking Skills and Techniques.

Module 6: Recipe Amendment, Development and Evaluation.

Module 7: Menu and Action Planning for Completed Dishes.

KS3 Resources


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