Sixth Form Science trip to Berlin

Our annual international Science study visit took some of our sixth form Scientists to Berlin this year, where they participated in a whole range of activities.

The first day started off with a walking tour of the city, taking in some of the iconic landmarks of Berlin. Students learned about the history of post war Berlin and the Berlin Wall. They visited the East Side Gallery – the longest open-air gallery in the world, Checkpoint Charlie, the Topography of Terror exhibition, Hitler’s Bunker, the Memorial to the Jews and the Brandenburg Gate. In between there were also visits to the German Technology Museum, the Spectrum Science Centre, the Futurium and Gunther Von Hagen’s Bodyworlds exhibition. A meal at the 60’s diner in the city centre topped off a packed day. In total, students walked around 15 miles and didn’t complain once despite the blisters!

Day two started early with a train journey to the Archenhold Observatory where students saw one of world’s largest refracting telescopes. They then enjoyed a planetarium show where they learned about celestial objects in the night sky. A further train journey then took students to the university laboratories at Glasernes where a four-hour lab session had them learning about PCR and using their practical techniques to take cheek samples and extract and analyse their own DNA. The evening was then spent at the Markthalle Neun food market where I hear the baklava was particularly nice!

Another early start to day three saw students travel to the outskirts of Berlin to the ISS Orbital Space Centre. After a talk about space, students were then invited to undertake astronaut training including a gyroscopic chair, reaction training and core stability control. From there a trip up the 368m TV tower in Alexanderplatz awaited. Afterwards, students were given the opportunity to visit the Neues Museum on museum island. The evening was then spent at a karaoke bar, where our self-proclaimed Holy Family Sixth Form choir gave renditions of several songs including “Ain’t no mountain high enough”, “Valerie”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “I’m still standing” which was quite apt considering the amount of walking everyone had done!

The final day was a trip to the Reichstag Parliament building where students climbed the spiral walkway inside the glass dome to take in more views of the city.

Students returned home tired after a most enjoyable trip.

Student quotes……..

“Everybody got to participate in the lab”

“Finding out I have heterozygous genes”

“Never a dull moment”

“The university trip was fun and also very informative”

“Memories for life!”

“Berlin was a great experience I saw and learned so much in the space of a few days”

“Fun and educational”

“I loved Ulf, our PCR lecturer”

“20,000+ steps per day!!”

“When Miss got stuck in a train door!”

“I loved the karaoke, especially Sir’s dance moves and Johnny Depp!!!”

Sixth Form trip to Krakow, Poland—31st January 2023

History visit to Central Library – 24th January 2023 

Mrs Hall took the Year 13 History class to Central Library in Liverpool to help them research their chosen History coursework essays. The historians are required to write a 3000-word essay on a topic of their choice relating to US Civil Rights. They learned how to search for books and journals and how to reference them. Topics ranged from the influence of music on Black civil rights, the impact of Martin Luther King, feminism in the US, and the role of the Black Power Movement. 

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