6 July 2023

Image of Year 12 Criminology: Crime scene to courtroom awareness

Year 12 Criminology: Crime scene to courtroom awareness

As part of UNIT 3, Crime Scene to Court Room, Year 12 students have experienced a range of activities to prepare them for their studies in Year 13. In June students met for a Q and A session, with Charlie Southern, from Merseyside Police. Questions focused on careers within the police force to the full extent police are involved in cases from arrest, to providing evidence in court.

Students then visited Queen Elizabeth Crown Court and Bootle Magistrates Court, to observe offenders entering their pleas, receiving sentences and to witness key local trials. We spoke with a range of professionals, including Judges, Barristers and Magistrates, who outlined the varied aspects of their roles in the Criminal Justice System.

On Wednesday 3rd July, students were fortunate to experience the world of the Crown Prosecution Service, where Jennifer Friday provided us with excellent examples of how a trial is prepared, using key tests: Public Interest, Evidential and Threshold Test. Students enjoyed making decisions about whether real cases should proceed to court, using CPS testing methods. This was excellent experience for budding lawyers and a fantastic foundation for Unit 3. Many thanks to Jennifer.

Louise Critchley

Tags: Sixth Form Criminology