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Pupil Premium Report 2014/2015

pupils achieving

Holy Family Catholic High School was allocated £935 in 2014/2015 for each student who is in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) or who has been in receipt of them in the last six years. Looked after students and those adopted from care are also eligible for additional financial support as well as children of services personnel.

Nationally, statistics show that students in the above groups do less well than their peers in external exams.  The aim of the financial support is to try to reduce the attainment gap.

Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received

Total number on pupils on roll (Years 7 -11)


Total Number of pupils eligible for PPG


Total amount of PPG received


Expenditure Report

Balance B/F £82,435
Allocation £935 £176,405
Other Income £7,200
Total Income £266,040
Staff Costs (Teaching) £134,028
Staff Costs (Support) £68,322
Resources £13,909
Total Expenditure £216,529
Balance C/F      £49,781

How the money is spent?

Students receiving the PPG are closely monitored as a distinct group within the school with the Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion) having overall responsibility for planning and implementing support utilising the grant that the school receives. The grant is used as follows:

  • Additional staffing
  • Targeted Support
  • Additional English classes
  • Additional Maths classes
  • Homework clubs
  • Revision lessons
  • Teaching Assistant intervention in Literacy and Numeracy for small groups and individual support
  • Targeted support through the student services team with support workers for Attendance, Behaviour and Pastoral needs

Those students eligible for pupil premium receive the following financial support:

  • Free                           uniform (Tie/Badge)
  • 50% discount           PE Kit (maximum – one per year)
  • 50% discount           Music Tuition
  • Free                           Food/Textiles/Design Technology resources
  • 50% discount           Revision Guides
  • Free                           School Bus
  • 50% contribution     Public transport pass
  • Free                           Essential Curriculum trip
  • 25% discount           Non-essential school trip
  • 50% discount           Rewards Trip

Uniform £257
Music Tuition £1,140
Resources DT £150
Text Books £1,744
Revision Guides £250
Transport £3,143
Trips £2,052
Intervention £5,173
Total Resources £13,909

How do we measure the impact of PPG?

The school evaluates the impact of PPG spending on each eligible student at half termly intervals throughout the school year, measuring student progress against target grades and internal assessments and predications. Where available external assessment data, such as modular exams is also used to evaluate impact.


The support towards trips allows some of our more disadvantaged pupils to access some trips that they would possibly not usually access including New York, Ski Trips, France, Spain and many others.

The 50% discount on music tuition allows for young people to develop a talent that they may not have the opportunity to nurture without the support of Pupil Premium.

The support towards text books alleviates the stress of families purchasing expensive GCSE texts and revision guides.

Last year 35 pupils had free passes for the school bus this year the number is 64. This ensures safe and secure travel to and from school at no cost to parents.

Attainment and Achievement:

Disadvantaged learners are making progress particularly in English with a -25 to -17 to -7 closing of the gap with respect to 3 levels of progress.

In Maths results, the gap between disadvantaged students and others has reduced considerably from -32 to -10.3 over the last two years.

If the national figure is similar to last year, in Maths and English, although there is a gap between Pupil Premium and non-disadvantaged students at Holy Family, they are doing considerably better than disadvantaged students nationally.


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