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Click here to see the New Home School Agrement to be adopted in September 2018


Dear Parents and Carers

Each parent and carer has an important responsibility to work closely with their children and the school to ensure safety and achievement.

We ask parents and carers:

  • To ensure your child attends school every day from 8:45 am
  • To keep school informed of anything which you believe might affect your child’s progress in school especially absence, illness, change of family situation, worries and concerns.
  • Not to take holidays in school time.
  • To provide a quiet place at home to encourage the completion of homework.
  • To take an interest in your child’s school work and to look at their exercise books regularly.
  • To log onto school homework App Class Charts to monitor homework set and monitor completion

  • To attend Parents’ Evenings to meet your child’s teachers.
  • To support us in our full uniform, no make-up code and the ban of mobile phones.
  • To support the school rules and discipline code and reinforce punishments made by the school in terms of misbehaviour.
  • To accept that there is zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol and weapons.
  • To ensure your child gets adequate sleep before a school day.
  • To send your child to school prepared for the day with all books, equipment and food.   
  • To support us in any sanctions that may need to be actioned, including afterschool detentions.  


  • Each student has a responsibility to work hard, make a positive contribution, to be safe and happy.                                                                                                                                  

All Students are expected to:

  • Respect other students, staff, visitors and themselves and to be aware that racism, bullying and violence are unacceptable in our school.
  • Wear full uniform including shoes (not trainers) and no make-up.
  • Not to bring, mobile phones, drugs, alcohol or weapons into school.
  • Complete homework and coursework on time.
  • Respect school rules, expectations and health and safety regulations.
  • Attend school every day being on time and prepared with books and equipment.
  • Behave in a self-disciplined manner and follow rules and expectations.                         

The school and its staff:

  • Our staff will support and promote the school’s Catholic ethos and do everything to support the success, well-being and safety of each student.   

Staff will:

  • Inform parents of academic progress.
  • Inform parents of any aspect of behaviour that requires action.
  • Care for students in their tutor and teaching groups.
  • Ensure equality for all.
  • Report progress, achievements and concerns to parents.
  • Be available to parents to ensure the best possible education and welfare.
  • Challenge students to achieve high academic standards, involvement in extra-curricular activities in school and in the community.
  • Ensure there is a fair and consistent approach to indiscipline.
  • Encourage and foster care and respect based on Gospel values.


  • Our Governors will carry out their legal responsibilities to the school to ensure that school policies provide care for every student.
  • That funding received by the school will be used responsibly to provide the curriculum and support services.
  • They will meet regularly to carry out their function.
  • They will visit school regularly and take an active part in school life.

Should you have any concerns at any time please contact:

Your child’s Form Tutor, Progress Leader or any of the Senior Leadership Team in school. 


Our Address

Mr M Symes,

Holy Family Catholic High School

 Virgins Lane.


L23 4UL

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sample0151 924 6451

   School Contact Mrs S Harris (Head’s PA):
         Tel: 0151 932 6106
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