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Cambridge and London Science Trip 2019

I really enjoyed the London and Cambridge trip! My favourite part was seeing the Cambridge university grounds and having a lecture from ex-Holy Family pupil, Dr Danny Longman about anthropology and the trips he’s been on all around the world to study science.  We also looked at old  human and mammal bones including a femur, pelvis and skull. We were taught the differences between male and female skulls and pelvis and got to see an old skull from the Anglo-Saxon era and could see the effects of leprosy and other deadly diseases.

After spending the day in Cambridge we moved on to London, for a fun evening of bowling. The next day we attended the Physics in Action lectures, I especially enjoyed the second lecture about using micro bubbles to treat cancer tumours as it is a topic I am very interested in and have hope that cures like the micro bubbles will eventually be successful possibly in the next few years.

Scientist Primrose Kitten shared her revision tips and showed us her YouTube videos aimed at GCSE and A-level students, to help deal with stress and make use of revision time to help get better grades.

In the evening we went to the Hard Rock Café and site seeing. The next day we visited the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the British Museum. The museums we visited were so interesting to see and my favourite was seeing the mummies and artefacts from ancient Egypt in the British Museum.

By Winnie Talbot (Year 9).

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