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Music trip to Manchester—February 2019

The Manchester trip was from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th February 2019. When Mrs Pellow offered to take us to Manchester, our class questioned it.  Manchester? It doesn’t seem as dazzling as “The West End!”

From the second we arrived in Manchester, we got straight to work. These trips are the best way to learn because they are so fun. They open your eyes to things you haven’t seen before, I never would have thought that somewhere so close to home would’ve been filled with so much amazing musical experiences.

We got the opportunity to visit the Royal Northern College of Music, where with our group we received a tour from Wilcox, a student from Hong Kong, studying music. He was so kind and really explained to us what life was like as a student of Music. WE GOT TO SEE A REAL HARPSICHORD, greatest experience of my life! It really gave us a clear insight to what any of us could potentially be doing one day and we were well looked after by the student ambassadors. After which, we then got to watch a live performance from some of the students at the college.

We attended a vocal workshop run by two of the student ambassadors and got the chance to ask them lots of questions about their college lives. It was so helpful to hear about their experiences

We visited the Palace Theatre to watch ‘The Jersey Boys.’ Apart from the fabulous music, the storyline was great and it was interesting to learn about ‘Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.’

We got to tour MediaCity, which showed us more about the behind the scenes of television and film and where the music fits in.  It was interesting to see how simple the studios were and nothing like what we see on television. This is all done through the magic of technology!

The opportunity to go bowling really gave us a chance wind down time and it was really good to have that time to discuss what we had all learnt and seen. We got to spend time as a class which helped us to learn more about each others musical characters.

On Tuesday evening we attended ‘The Stoller Hall’ to see a concert by Chetham’s School of Music which was impressive. There were small children playing such extensive and difficult pieces, including a 13 year old bassoonist who played a concerto WITHOUT any music! It was incredible to see such talented children. We got to listen for features of classical and romantic music which helped develop our skills for our listening exam.

Finally, we were invited to a composition workshop at the Halle which was so helpful. Steve Pickett gave us tips and tricks to help with our composition coursework. He explained that we could use similar techniques to that of Bach and Handel. We even made a composition up, right there on the spot and just participating in playing a part in this was fun and interesting.

Over the course of three days, we pretty much covered all aspects of the Music exam in a fun and interactive way.  Who knew Manchester had so much to offer!

By Mia Legge – year 11

2019 02 11 RNCM 2



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