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HFCHS DofE Gold Award Holders … Anna Corcoran, Dominic O'Dowd, Rebecca Hopkins, Alex McCormick, Edward Gibbons, Lauren McDermott, Olivia Gillies, John Harrison, Amanda Fetosa-Patton, Joy Penny, Joseph Hazard, Sarah Morgan, Beth Williams, Michael Smith, Ross Gillies

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D of E 2018-2019

2018 10 13 DofE

Welcome to the D of E team

3 members of staff (Miss Swan, Mr Bradley & Mr Nutman) all attended a Lowland Leaders training course in North Wales.  Despite the arrival of "Hurricane Cullum" they persevered the weather and learnt the skills to become a D of E Leader. 

They will soon be practicing these skills over the winter months in preparation for their assessment in March 2019, when they will be accredited to assess Bronze and Silver level expeditions.


This has been another fantastic year for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, with 66 pupils from Year 10 participating in the Bronze Level of the programme, completing 2 expeditions, in The Forest of Bowland and The Cheshire Countryside.  The pupils prepared themselves exceptionally in terms of fitness and training for the 2 day expeditions.  All 66 passed the expedition element of the award scheme and are currently working towards completing their Physical, Skill and Volunteering sections before they can enrol onto the Silver Level of the Award Scheme.

The Silver Level Candidates have also completed 2 expeditions.  The unusual hot weather made the walking conditions more difficult than was expected.  Despite this the pupils were able to complete 30 miles over 3 days whilst carrying their tent, food supplies and their personal equipment.  This was done for a Practice Expedition in the Pendle Hill area and then on their Qualifying Expedition in the Yorkshire region. 

2018 DofE RG

 Gold Award Presentation

Recently, Ross Gillies has deservedly earned his Gold Level of the Award Scheme.  This Level takes 2 years to achieve.  Ross started the Award Scheme in Year 10 and completed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Award in the school.  Ross has just collected his Gold Award certificate from Buckingham Palace and was presented with his certificate of achievement by Nigel Vardy, who is also referred to as "Mr Frostbite", the famous mountaineer who specialises in walking in cold arctic conditions.  Ross achieved his Gold certificate 3 years after his sister Olivia Gillies achieved her award.  Both former students have done exceptionally well and have fully deserved their certificates and their day meeting members of the Royal Family.  Well done.


DofE Gold

2016-17 was another successful year for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme with a record number of pupils enrolled and the highest number of pupils completing the award scheme.

The expedition season ended with 2 expeditions involving 20 Year 13 pupils. They had to cover “wild country” regions which included the Cumbria Range and the Dark Peak District. Both expeditions provided very different challenges to the candidates.

The Lake District required the candidates to walk from Grasmere to Kendall covering 42 hours of walking in the hottest temperatures that we have experienced. The candidates had to conserve water and use their rations wisely to get to the campsite safely each evening.

The Dark Peak District, with very few obvious marker points and in very remote locations, required them all to use navigational skills and compass work to a very high standard. The skills of all the candidates throughout the 2 expeditions were exceptional. When they took their assessment the assessor stated that the “candidates were very well prepared and showed a high degree of preparation throughout their expeditions".

Both expeditions took place within a 6 week time frame, which allowed very little time for recovery between expeditions. They had to walk for a total of 8 days, covering over 110 miles in total. The candidates still have other elements to complete such as Skill, Volunteering, Physical Participation and a 4 day residential activity to fully achieve their award.


The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards ceremony

In May 2017 Miss Doherty and I (Mr Kinsella) had the honour of attending Buckingham Palace for the presentations of The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards ceremony.  Holy Family had 2 candidates representing the school, Michael Smith and Beth Williams.

At the palace we mingled with a large number of celebrities and of course The Duke of Edinburgh along with The Earl and Countess of Wessex. 

There were 16 groups of candidates from all over the country and we were in the North West Merseyside Group.  Our Celebrity for a while was Una Healy (from The Saturdays).

The Duke of Edinburgh chatted with the candidates and their parents were on hand to observe the celebration.

Both Michael and Beth had a fantastic day.  I chatted to both parents and they were very proud of their achievements and pass on their thanks to the school for helping them get this far.

Mr M. Kinsella (DoE Co-ordinator)

All the celebs     Beth Michael

MKi ED          Una Healy from The Saturdays

Click on the links below to see the various expeditions


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Assessment - 10th-12th May 2019

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Practice - 26th-28th April 2019


Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Practice - 22nd - 24th June 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Assessment - 4th-5th May 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Practice - 20th-21st April 2018


Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Practice - 16th -19th July 2017

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Expedition - 7th -9th July 2017

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Practice - 24th - 26th June 2017

National 3 Peaks Challenge - Friday 8th July 2016


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Friday 20th - Archbishop visit – HF 50 Year Celebration

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Monday 29th Sept – Wednesday 2nd Oct - Battlefield Tour (History)

Tuesday 1st Oct - Singing Day @ St Michael’s


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