2020 - Another impressive set of GCSE results


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Showcase of Outstanding Work

Year 12 Criminology


Students design for Unit 1 a campaign to change criminal behaviour. They must create, plan, finance and activate a workable campaign using a range of media. Megan Redmond Ball is to be commended for her creative campaign against Domestic Violence, which uses original posters, creative merchandise and Social Media, to inform and advise victims of domestic violence. Well done, Megan for your impressive efforts.

Year 11 Art

Yr 11 Art Faye Marshall

This beautiful canvas has been produced by Faye Marshall. She has been developing her ideas and style in Art and made a creative and original response using Acrylic and old books.

Year 10 English

Click here to see Narritive Writing by Louise Baker

Having studied a number of short stories, Louise Baker produced this piece which focused on the theme of a significant childhood memory. The narrative is well structured and her use of language is thoughtful and atmospheric.

Year 10 Science

Click here to see The Heart AFL by Dylan Cureton

Dylan Cureton, in Year10, produced this outstanding assessment in Biology on 'the heart'. It is at A level standard! The rest of the class had to highlight areas to improve, but Dylan's was flawless.

Year 9 Art and Design

Yr 9 Art Jack Williams

Jack Williams, in Year 9, has produced a beautiful piece on a racehorse his family used to own in Art and Design. This painting will be entered into the ‘dot-art competition’.

Yr 9 Art Kate Crist

Kate Crist, in Year 9, has created a stunning colourful abstract painting of a leopard. This painting will be entered into the ‘dot-art competition’.

Year 9 Maths

Yr 9 Maths Joley Morgan

Having achieved 100% on a unit test, Joley Morgan has completed the extension questions in purple pen. When she has moved on to the next topic within ‘ratio’, she has made excellent use of bar-modelling.

Year 8 English

In English during lockdown, Year 8 were looking at animal poetry, they were asked to write poems from the perspective of an animal. 

Day in the life of a giraffe

Twitching ears signify a new day,

Bright sun sizzles on the horizon,

Baby feet stomp around to let mothers

know its feeding time.

Long necks sway in the breeze patiently

waiting for babies to finish.

The call for water is the only one that


Scorching sun beats down on the dry

dusty earth.

Tree top leaves are nibbled on route,

Aggression and heard conflict bubbling on

the surface.

Bendy necks are at the ready,

Like a cricket bat swung, attacks start.

Long necks hit each other,

but there can only be one winner of the

fight for male superiority.

The long day comes to an end.

As its time to settle down the Sahara

becomes deadly quiet,

Sleeping with one eye open is the only

way to be safe,

But never underestimate what can come

































Sea Turtle

Take a dive in the deep blue sea

My wing like flippers propel me

All the way to the ocean floor

Where I love to go and explore

Travelling back to the sands of my birth

I hide my eggs in the soft grainy earth

I don’t wait to see, if boy or girl they will be

As the moonlit waters wash over me

I venture on in the deep blue sea

Hoping my hatchlings will follow me

To far off land and exotic shore

Where maybe one day we will meet once more.


Year 8 Music

Mya Sherwood

Having studied the origins of Reggae Music and completed some preparatory research, Mya Sherwood produced this final piece of work using musical vocabulary to describe the distinctive features of the style.

 Year 7 Science

Yr7 Science Electricity Board Games

Faith Morley, in Year 7, produced this brilliant board game based on electricity. It is not only visually pleasing with a good attention to detail, but also makes use of accurate and targeted questions to assess and support the players' knowledge and understanding of the topic.


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