2017 Headline Measures

 Holy Family Catholic High School Headline Measures 2017

KS4 Headline Measure

2017 Results



Progress 8


Average Attainment 8 score per pupil


% pupils gaining a standard pass* in English and Mathematics


% pupil gaining a strong pass* in English and Mathematics


% pupils entered for EBacc


% pupils gaining a standard pass in EBacc


% pupils gaining a strong pass in EBacc


 *Please note, a standard pass is a grade 4 and equivalent to an old grade C.  A strong pass is a grade 5 and equivalent to a B/C grade.  Direct comparison with previous years is difficult because of the changed grading and accountability measures.

KS5 Headline Measure

2017 Results



A-level Average Point Score per entry

25.44 (C-)

A-level Value Added Score


A-level cohort


Applied General Average Point Score per entry

42.03 (Dist*-)

Applied General Value Added Score


Applied General cohort


Tech Level Average Point Score per entry

41.67 (Dist*-)

Tech Level Value Added Score


Tech Level cohort


% students achieving AAB or higher

11.9% (9 students)

% students in L3 maths measure

19.6% (46 students)

Data as published 25 January 2018.


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What’s Coming Up 

  • NEW Wed 26th June - Exam Contingency date
  • Wed 26th June - Evening – HFCHS Art Exhibition
  • Thurs 27th June - New Intake Taster Day/New Intake Evening 5pm-7pm
  • Fri 28th June - DoE Silver Assessment
  • Tues 2nd July - 3.30-5 Netball/Football Taster Sessions For New Intake Pupils (Pe Dept)
  • Thurs 4th July - Year 11 Prom
  • Fri 12th July – Year 13 Prom
  • Mon 15th July – Sports Day
  • Tue 16th July - Year 12 Parent Review Day
  • Tue 16th -Friday 19th July – DofE Gold
  • Wed 17th July-Trip to Alton Towers
  • Fri 19th July- End of term Service.  School finishes at 1.15pm
  • Thursday 15th August 2019 - A level Results Day
  • Thursday 22nd August 2019GCSE Results Day

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