Achievment badges

Achievement Award Badge Holders

 Bronze Award Winners (25 points)

16th June 2017  

Mya Sherwood 7AR
Mia Jones 7GW
Ross Cameron 7GW
Rebecca Cox 7VL
Robyn McCarten 7VL
Lauren Burney 8LJ

26th May 2017

Rhiana Brett 7AMC

Abbie Dunn 7AMC

Louis Yool 7AMC

Erin Hearn 7AR

Ellis Jones 7SC

Mollie Lucock 7SC

Harry Clements 7VL

Terri Sumner 7VL

Hannah Guy 8LJ

Max Gillies 9JF

Hannah Chorley 9PJ

12th  May 2017


Cara Tamburro 7JC

Matthew Blackburn 7SC

Andre Boyd 7VL

Alexandra Broadhurst 7AMC

Riley Doran 7SC

Jessica Jones 7AR

Amelia Kelly 7JC

Bobbie Speers 7GW

Georgia Bennett 7AR

Jack Williams 7SC

Jamie Bennett 7AR

May Burgomaster 7VL

Matthew McKenna 7SC

Isabelle Humphreys 7AR

Sam Poynor 7JC

Harry Blevin 7GW

Alexander Coffey 7VL

Kate Crist 7VL

Samantha Devitt 7JC

Caitlin Dooley 7GW

Grace Travers 7VL

Sophie Clarke 7AMC

Ritchie James 7AR

Katie Buckley 7AMC

Katie Delaney 7GW

Daisy Kiernan 7VL

Kevin Madden 7JC

Charlotte Russell 7JC

Hannah Sharpe 8GB

Millie Whittaker 8GB

Natasha Taylor 8EP

Thomas Bailey 8NK

Joshua Taylor 8LM


10th March 2017

Lilymae Maiden 7AR

Olivia Doran 7AR

10th February 2017         

Charlotte Jackson 7SC

Charlotte became our first Achievement Award badge holder.  She gained her bronze badge for collecting 25 achievement points across a variety of subject lessons.  She was very proud to gain her badge from Mr Symes and is determined to now achieve her silver badge.  We are sure she will wear it with pride in school and look forward to seeing many others gain theirs!





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