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The fundamental aim of the Art department, is to promote the creative development of all students in order that they achieve their full potential. We are committed to offer the students the opportunity and experiences which are challenging, interesting and motivating. They are able to use their own interests, knowledge and experiences as a basis for development. We celebrate their achievements through exhibitions and competitions.

The GCSE course is geared towards the requirements and demands of the AQA GCSE syllabus. Pupils are encouraged to respond to starting points with their own individual and personal ideas which they are to develop through sustained and independent study to a suitable outcome. Pupils are encouraged to work using their own initiative, utilising the skills and practises of the previous years in order that they become fluent in the art making process.

The practises of conducting independent research and recording ideas are vital, particularly in preparation for the art exam. Both skills are to be undertaken regularly as part of directed homework’s and should be continued independently if pupils are to realise their full artistic ability.

Students will;

  • Display an exhibition of their work,
  • Submit their portfolio,
  • Present their sketchbooks containing all their homework, annotations and ideas,
  • Sit a 10-hour practical exam and include this final piece and its planning work in their exhibition.






 “This course requires dedication and commitment and is very rewarding”


At KS3 all pupils are expected to research, experiment, explore and design ideas within their sketchbooks

Year 7 

 Pupils are expected to do (Drawing) (Mixed Media Collage) (Painting) (3D Construction)


Understanding of then Art elements - Colour wheel, line, shape, space, tone, value and texture.


Looking at different artist’s representation. Still Life painting (Paul Giovonopolous) / Cubism.


Artist History, Aboriginal Painting / Story Telling.

Relief and Sculptures

 Year 8 

Pupils are expected to do (Drawing) (Mixed Media Collage) (Painting) (Printing) (Sculpture)


Self image (Chuck Close)

Drawing skills/ Painting/ Grid Technique


Looking at architecture – (Guadi/ Huntervasser)

Utopia project 3D Buildings.


Dale Chiuly – Glass Artist (Colour)

Observational Drawings/ Painting & Mini sculptures

Shoe project (Manolo Blahnik)

 Year 9 

Pupils are expected to do (Drawing) (Mixed Media – Collage) (Illustration) (Sculpture)


Observational studies / mixed media

School Play –Backdrops.

DAY OF THE DEAD Mini project

AO1 – Developing Ideas through investigations – Artists

AO2 – Refine work / experimenting

AO3 – Record ideas

AO4 – Personal response.


AO1 – Developing Ideas through investigations – Artists

AO2 – Refine work / experimenting

AO3 – Record ideas

AO4 – Personal response.



Art club is available to all students every lunch time. This can be utilised as a homework club or for any personal topics you would like to follow.

Students have the opportunity to take part in many internal and external competitions; DOT Art, Photography, CHET young Artist of the year, Archdiocese competitions, local Art competitions and our annual Art exhibition.

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Thursday 5th–10.00am -  Term starts for Year 7 and Year 11 only

Friday 6th-8.45am - Term starts for Years 8, 9 & 10

- 9.00am - Enrolment for Year 12

- 11.00am - Enrolment for Year 13

- Whole school photographs

Monday 9th at 8.45am - Term starts for Years 12 & 13

Wednesday 11th – 6.30pm - Year 12/13 Welcome Evening/Introduction to UCAS & Careers

Thursday 12th– Year 7 CHET trip

- Year 11 Welcome  Evening

Friday 13th – Year 7 CHET trip

Monday 16th Sept – INSET day – school closed to pupils

– Open Evening (6.00pm-9.00pm)

Tuesday 17th – 9.45am start for pupils

Friday 20th - Archbishop visit – HF 50 Year Celebration

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