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PE (Physical Education)

Curriculum Overview 

Our Aim

The philosophy of the Physical Education Department is aptly summed up in the familiar slogan, ‘Sport for All’. We seek to promote all aspects of P.E. and active recreation, and encourage our students to develop physically, personally, socially and morally. To these ends, all teaching and learning styles are employed (including the traditional academic, as an aspect of sixth form study). Group and independent learning are central to our work.

Key Stage 3 Core PE

At Key Stage 3, we set about building upon the foundation of the previous Key Stage, and further develop our pupils’ skills relating to the six areas of prescribed study: dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, outdoor education, and games (the last being compulsory for all). Pupils’ knowledge base is considerably extended, new skills are acquired, and insight is gained into sporting tactics and decision-making.

Over the academic year, depending on the strengths and make up of a particular group, a series of activities will be selected from the following activities. The Curriculum has a competitive element in every lesson and activity. The National Curriculum stipulates that some activities must be covered and they are highlighted. The students will be based lined at the start of Year 7 against age specific criteria. The students will then be assessed at the end of each block of work. The activities run for each half term. Each student will receive 4 lessons of Physical Education per fortnight.

Year 7 Boys Year 7 Girls
Baseline Assessment Baseline Assessment
Gymnastics Dance
Softball Gymnastics
Athletics Rounders
Football Athletics
Badminton Football
Basketball Hockey
Rugby Netball
Tennis Tennis
Hockey Badminton


Year 8 Boys Year 8 Girls
Football Netball
Rugby Dance
Basketball Gynmastics
Badminton Rounders
Hockey Athletics
Gymnastics Football
Softball Hockey
Tennis Tennis
Athletics Badminton
Orienteering Orienteering

Example Schemes of Work

Year 7 Football Scheme of Work 

Year 7 Netball Scheme of Work

Year 8 Football Scheme of Work

Year 8 Netball Scheme of Work


Key Stage 3 National Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Core PE

At Key Stage 4, students begin to follow a pathway of either games or fitness. The programme develops the work studied at Key Stage 3. Physical activity is clearly (and practically) related to issues of health and well-being: training, fitness, and dietary techniques are demonstrated and taught.


The whole of KS4 is assessed practically against the marking frame. This includes any core PE lessons



Example Schemes of Work

Key Stage 4 Athletics

Key Stage 4 Football


Key Stage 4 National Curriculum

GCSE/BTEC Physical Education Qualification


BTEC LEVEL 2 in Sport (Edexcel)

Pupils who would like to follow a Sport pathway as an option will be guided into either GCSE PE (OCR)/ BTEC LEVEL 2 in Sport (Edexcel), depending on the suitability of the pupil.


The course’s builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in Key Stage 3 Physical Education. It will give you exciting opportunities to be involved in a number of different physical activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. You should have an interest in physical education and sport, enjoy being active and appreciate the benefits of keeping fit and healthy.

Areas of study will include:

  • Develop your knowledge and practical skills in a range of physical activities.
  • Examine the efforts of exercise and how training can improve performance.
  • Identify ways to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through participation in physical activity
  • Sports Psychology
  • Socio-cultural issues within sport.
Practical in 3 sports (2 team/1 individual)
  • Fitness and Sport and Exercise
  • Practical Sport Performance (Practically able in 1 team & 1 individual sport)
  • The mind & Sports Performance
  • Training for Personal Fitness

Personal Attributes required:

Students must be committed to this course and be willing to join in extra-curricular activities to further their progress. They must also be aware that lessons are not all practical sessions and that some are theory based in a classroom.

Future Career Plans:

What can I do after I’ve completed the course?

As well as being the ideal preparation for the A Level Physical Education course, GCSE Physical Education/BTEC in Sport allows for progression to related vocational qualifications, such as BTEC Firsts and Nationals in Sport or Sport and Exercise Sciences. The course develops the transferable skills and key skills that employers are looking for and can lead to a wide variety of employment opportunities. This can include further training in areas such as recreational management, leisure activities, coaching, officiating, the fitness industry, the armed forces and the Civil Service.

Homework Expectations:

There is an expectation that students will complete a range of written and research tasks throughout the course. Students will also be expected to evaluate practical sessions that take place during lessons and practice their chosen sport through attending extra-curricular activities.

Students will need to complete homework of at least 30 minutes per week as part of the understanding needed for the written examination.

Useful Links

OCR’s GCSE (9–1) in Physical Education (J587) Content and Assessment Overview




Holy Family PE Gallery

2020 03 10 Year 9 Netball team

10th March 2020 - Congratulations to the Year 9 Netball team for finishing 3rd in the league. They qualified to play for the Shield, in the South Sefton Netball tournament, which they won.

2020 03 Girl team against Merchants

The girls netball teams who played against Merchants


4th March 2020 - Girls worked with Sky Sports on different types of journalism in sport. It was a fab day where they got to record a podcast and interview a Paralympian and record a TV news report.

2019 11 09 U19 finished 3rd in the Merseyside round of the National Cup     2019 11 09 Under 14s finished 5th

9th November 2019 - Under 19 and Under 14 Netball teams

Under 19 finished 3rd in the Merseyside round of the National Cup missing out on qualifying for the next round on goal difference.... we'll get them next year! The Under 14's finished 5th.

2019 09 19 Netball teams against Litherland y7     20191106 netball 02

20191106 netball 03     20191106 netball 04

Netball photos from our fixture on Wed 7th November against Deyes, Holy Family vs Deyes Scores - Year 7 2-1 (HF), Year 8 9-6 (HF), Year 9 14-3 (HF), Year 10 5-3 (HF)

2019 10 23 Under 18 team from match against Formby

23rd October 2019 - Under 18 team - match against Formby. Holy Family won 21-12

2019 10 17 Under 18 South Sefton Champions smaller

Under 18 South Sefton Champions

2019 10 17 Year 10 Netball Teams

Thank you to our sponsor White Security Systems for their sponsorship for the Year 10 Netball Teams Kit

2019 10 03 Girls football and netball 1     2019 10 03 Girls football and netball 2

October 2019 - Well done to the girls football and netball teams, they beat Savio 2-0 in football and St Michaels in all years netball

2019 09 23 U13s girls national cup game v Lymm

23rd September 2019 -  U13s girls national cup game v Lymm

2019 09 19 Netball teams against Litherland y7     2019 09 19 Netball teams against Litherland y8     2019 09 19 Netball teams against Litherland y9

19th September 2019 - Netball teams against Litherland

Green bibs -  Year 7, score 5-0                                           Yellow bibs - Year 8                                                          Year 9, score 15-3

Year 7-10 boys competing at the Sefton Catholic Schools Athletics Competition in May 2019

2019 05 23 Year 7 10 boys

The year 11's where runners up in the Under 16 Merseyside Netball tournament that took place on Saturday 2nd March 2019. They only lost one game against Wirral Grammar Girls School, who went on to win the tournament. We are very proud.

2019 03 02 Under 16 Merseyside Netball tournament 1     2019 03 02 Under 16 Merseyside Netball tournament 2

The girls netball team qualified for the Merseyside Under 16 Netball tournament - January 2019

2019 01 23 Merseyside Under 16 Netball tournament

Netball at Litherland - Year 7, 8 & 9 tems all won - September 2018

2018 09 19 Netball at Litherland year 78 9 won 1     2018 09 19 Netball at Litherland year 78 9 won 2     2018 09 19 Netball at Litherland year 78 9 won 3

Cross-country at Calderstones Park - September 2018

2018 09 19 X country at calderstones Park 1     2018 09 19 X country at calderstones Park

Merseyside Schools County Athletics Championship - June 2018

2018 06 11 MSCA championship 1     2018 06 11 MSCA championship 2

English School Competition - 15th May 2018

20180515 English Sch Comp1     20180515 English Sch Comp2     

20180515 English Sch Comp3     20180515 English Sch Comp4

           20180515 English Sch Comp5                          20180515 English Sch Comp6     

Women’s FA cup at Wembley - 5th May 2018

2018 05 05 Womens FA cup at Wembley 1     2018 05 05 Womens FA cup at Wembley 2     2018 05 05 Womens FA cup at Wembley 3

Barcelona football tour - April 2018

2018 04 18 Espanyol v Eibar 1     2018 04 18 Nou Camp     2018 04 20 Barcelona football tour 1a

Year 10 GCSE PE day - Climbing on the year 10 GCSE day for their practical exam

Yr10 GCSE day001     Yr10 GCSE day002     Yr10 GCSE day003

Yr10 GCSE day004     Yr10 GCSE day005

Year 9 GCSE PE day - Trampolining at Liverpool Trampoline Academy on GCSE PE day to help pupils get higher marks on their practical exam

Yr9 GCSE day001     Yr9 GCSE day002     Yr9 GCSE day003

24th November

Well done to the Year 9 & 10 girls football teams - Girls won 1st place in the tournament winning £75 of football kit vouchers 
Our other team came 4th

2017 11 24 Girls won1st place

16th November 2017

Well done to the HF Girls 7&8 football team who came third in the Liverpool F.C. girls football tournament

2017 11 16 Girls football tournament 7 8 1     2017 11 16 Girls football tournament 7 8 2

                                               2017 11 16 Girls football tournament 7 8 3 

3rd November 2017

Year 9 Netball team played against Chesterfield yesterday. A very brave performance with 6 players. The final score was 8-11 to Chesterfield.

2017 11 03 Year 9 Netball team vs Chesterfield

Year 10 netball match vs Chesterfield yesterday. A fabulous win for the year 10 netball team against Chesterfield, the final score was 11-9.

2017 11 03 Year 10 netball match vs Chesterfield

25th October 2017 - Year 10 vs Helsby in National Cup

2017 10 25 Year 10 vs Helsby in National Cup

17th October 2017 - Year 7,8 and 10 girls netball teams at Sacred Heart

2017 10 18 NETBALL Year 7 and 8 at Sacred Heart 1     2017 10 18 NETBALL Year 7 and 8 at Sacred Heart 2

                                             2017 10 17 Year 10 Netball team against Sacred Heart

11th October 2017 - Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Five-a-side football tournament at Maricourt

2017 10 11 Girls 5 a side football at Maricourt 1     2017 10 11 Girls 5 a side football at Maricourt 3

2017 10 11 Girls 5 a side football at Maricourt 2     2017 10 11 Girls 5 a side football at Maricourt 4

10th October 2017 - Netball matches - Holy Family Vs Savio

Year 7 0-18 (HF win)
Year 8 -4-13 (HF win)
Year 9 13-9 (Savio)
Year 10 2-18 (HF win)

2017 10 10 Year 7 netball team vs savio     2017 10 10 Year 8 netball team vs savio      2017 10 10 Year 9 netball team vs savio

4th October 2017 

Under 13 girls football game against Ridge Wood in the National Cup. They lost 2-1, but it was a very close game. Player of the game was Alex Roper in year 8!

2017 10 04 U13 football against ridge wood in the national cup

26th Sept 2017

Year 9 Girls Netball winning team against Hawthornes (6-3)

2017 09 26 Year 9 winning team against Hawthornes 6 3


Year 7 Girls Netball team had a great game beating Hawthorns 9-4. 

2017 09 26 Year 7 beat hawthorns 9 4

School Year 2016-2017

Sports Day


Basketbal finals O2 001    Basketbal finals O2 002    Basketbal finals O2 003

Basketball final at the O2 Arena

2017 05 17 Youth Sports Ambassadors Conference Smaller

Year 9 GCSE PE students at the Youth Sports Ambassadors Conference with Rachel Brown-Finnis

Valencia 001   Valencia  Valencia 003

Valencia and Madrid Football Tour - Click here for more photographs



Tasha Jonas 001     Tasha Jonas 002     Tasha Jonas 003

Tasha Jonas 004     Tasha Jonas 005     Tasha Jonas 006   

Year 7 boys and girls got a chance to meet British champion boxer and Olympian Natasha Jonas who is from Liverpool. 

Natasha came in to tell her inspirational story of how she became a boxer. She delivered a boxing session to the year 7s who had a great day learning to use the boxing gloves and pads!

m thunder 001     m thunder 002     m thunder 003

Some of the girls from the netball team went to watch Manchester Thunder play Loughborough Lightning in a nail biting match which controversially ended Loughborough winning by 1 goal. Thunder scored in the last 10 seconds to equalise but the referee said he has called time so it wasn't counted.

2017 03 14 Year 9 girls Sefton U14 netball tournament

Year 9 girls came 2nd in Sefton U14 netball tournament. They played Sacred Heart in the final

2017 03 08 X country Sefton Schools1     2017 03 08 X country Sefton Schools2

Sefton Schools Cross Country – Well done to our Year 7 Girls, Olivia came 2nd, Cara came 12th and Georgia 20th

y7 girls football1     y7 girls football2

Year 7 girls football won 6-3 in the Year 7 National Cup against Southlands High School in Chorley! Fantastic game! Through to the next round!

Sky sports workshop     South Sefton vs holy family A level moderation

Sky Sports workshop                                                               South Sefton vs Holy Family A level moderation

Great climbing session at awesome walls                      Great fitness session yr10 core pe well done lads                                

Great climbing session at Awesome Walls                        Great fitness session Year 10 Core PE -  well done lads

Yr9 inter form football     Yr9 inter form football 1     Yr9 inter form football 2

Year 9 inter-form football

Sports presentation 2016     Sports presentation 2016 Major award winners

Sports presentation 2016                                                        Sports presentation 2016 - Major award winners

Liverpool athletic match     Liverpool athletic match 1 

Liverpool Athletics Match      

Liverpool athletic match Medallists

Liverpool Athletic Match - Medallists    

Holy family boys winning division 3 Sefton athletics league 1     Holy family boys winning division 3 Sefton athletics league

Holy Family boys winning division 3 Sefton Athletics League

English Schools Cross Country     English Schools Cross Country 1     English Schools Cross Country 2

English Schools Cross Country

Basketball game vs Litherland     Basketball game vs litherland 1

Basketball game vs Litherland

Girls football team in new Nike kit

The girls football team were nominated by Everton in the Community to receive free premier league Nike kit for all their hard work and dedication over the last 3 years at Holy Family. They were all provided with a shirt, shorts and socks.

Year 7 & 8 basketball teams vs Savio

Year 7 & 8 basketball teams vs Savio on Monday 12th December. Great performance from both teams! Well Done!

2016 12 02 Swimming Gala

The year 7 girls swimming team competed at the year 7 schools partnership swimming gala at Crosby swimming pool on Friday 2nd December.

Sefton girls football tournament

Girls in year 8, 9 and 10 came 4th in the Sefton schools girls football tournament

5aside Maricourt 01   5aside Maricourt 02   5aside Maricourt 03

Year 7, 8 and 9 Girls 5-A-Side match at Maricourt. 

2016 11 24 Year 7 and 8 girls football team at Goals

Year 7 & 8 girls football team came second in the group B competition at Goals Liverpool. They won 4 games and drew 0-0 in 2. Well done!

2016 11 22 Year 7 netball tournament     Netball

Year 7 netball tournament                      Netball Team

Football 01  Football 03  Football 04

                                 Year 7, 8 & 9 girls played Manchester City in the Community Satellite School and won 8-1

Year 8 team vs Litherland     Year 9 netball team vs Litherland

Year 8 netball team vs Litherland                          Year 9 netball team vs Litherland 

Y9 interform     Y9 interform player of the tournament

                                                          Year 9 Inter Form Tournament 

Year8 9 football match won 1 0     Cross country at Sefton park boys and girls

Year 8 & 9 football match (won 1-0)                      Cross Country at Sefton park- boys and girls team

Year9 10 football match lost 2 1      Year7 and 8 girls footballteam

Year 9 & 10 football match (lost 2-1)                     Year 7 and 8 Girls football team

Football win 8 3 against Halewood thumbnail     Yr7 8 Girls Swimming team thumbnail

Football win 8-3 against Halewood                   Year 7 & 8 Girls Swimming team 

XCountry 2nd in Girls Year7 thumbnail     XCountry 2nd in Girls Year7 1 thumbnail

                                        Year 7 Girls came 2nd in the Cross Country

Sportsday 2016     Sportsday 2016 1     Sportsday 2016 3

Sports day - July 2016


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