25 September 2023

PE - Extra-Curricular Information

Boy's Fixtures

Monday 27th November 2023

Year 8 vs Upton by Chester - at Holy Family, Kick-off at 2.15pm finish 3.25pm - need to make own way home 

No parents allowed.


Tuesday 28th November 2023

Year 7 vs Range High at Range, Kick-off at 2.30pm. Return to school 4pm- can make own way home or return for 4.30 late bus

No parents allowed 


Wednesday 29th November 2023

Year 10 vs Birkdale at Holy Family, Kick-off at 2.15pm.  Match finishes 3.30pm - can make own way home or wait for 4.30 late bus

No parents allowed


Friday 1st December 2023

Year 8b vs Gateacre at Gateacre, Kick-off at 2.30pm. Return to school 4.15pm - need to make own way home

No parents allowed


Girl's Fixtures


Tuesday 28th November 2023

SNS Netball match – Year 11 away against Standish. Come to school in your PE kit, get your mark and then meet me at reception. You will return to school approx 12.30.

Year 7 & 7 Netball – away at Litherland High. Get changed at lunch and meet on the lay by at 2.50pm. You may miss the late bus so please have a back-up plan. You can leave from Litherland if you have a note/text giving permission

Monday 4th December 2023

National cup game, away v Archbishop Blanch. We will be leaving at 1.00pm. Get changed at lunch. You will have to make own way home as no late bus on a Monday 


Tuesday 5th December 2023

Football match v St Michaels - After school at LCFA. We will be walking at 2.50pm from the school gates. You can get picked up from LCFA or walk back to school with me. We have the pitch until 5pm





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