Sixth Form Courses

Sixth Form courses are at a level of study that is higher than the work undertaken in year 11 and prepare students for entry to university.  Students, in most cases pick three subjects, in exceptional circumstances four may be taken. Success in Year 12 is essential for entry into year 13 as is a good record of behaviour and attendance.

The entry requirements for a Sixth Form programme of study is a minimum 4 9-4 grades. You will usually be expected to have a grade 6 in the subjects that you choose and some subjects have specific entry requirements. These will be outlined on Open Evening and in your guidance interviews.  Students will also be expected to have a good record of behaviour and attendance.  Any student who has not achieved a good pass grade in either GCSE Mathematics or English will need to follow resit programme in these subjects.

A Levels are graded from A – E.  Vocational courses are graded Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction Star.  These grades are assigned points by UCAS and frequently universities will express their offer in terms of points rather than grades. This will all be explained during the course of the two years.


A-Level Art (To be studied at St Michaels High School)

GCSE English (If Grade 4 is not achieved)

GCSE Mathematics (If Grade 4 is not achieved)

Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ is an independent research project on a topic of the student’s choice which must be an extension of their A-level study. Students produce either a 5000 word essay or an artefact supported by a 1500 word report.

Students are taught research skills and provided with supervision from 3 experienced teachers, to guide them through the research process. The EPQ attracts UCAS points up to A* and is highly regarded by Russell Group Universities and providers of Higher Level Apprenticeships.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) course begins in Year 12, with all students embarking on the course of study skills, presentation skills and independent study.

Students taking EPQ are taught 3 lessons every 2 weeks and study independently for other lessons.

Why should you take the Extended Project Qualification?

This qualification allows students to develop their learning in one or more of their A level subjects or intended career choice.  It emphasises their ability to carry out independent research and  ability to plan and realise a project.  Students will also be demonstrating these skills to universities and potential employers who find selection of candidates difficult.

Candidates will achieve a Level 3 qualification at A Level standard which attracts UCAS points up to A*.

Course Content

The main content of the course is as follows

  • Carry out initial research to propose a project with clear aims & objectives which is an extension of your existing studies
  • Research and realise the project, providing evidence of evaluation at each stage
  • Present your findings and experience of the research process

Entry requirements

This course is offered to all Year 12 students. Those who have shown particular aptitude in a subject area will fully realise the final project and submit this for final external assessment.