Level 3 BTEC Travel and Tourism

Head of Department - Mr M. Kinsella

3.1 million people are currently employed in tourism in the UK and the industry is worth £126.9bn! This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful employee within this dynamic industry.

Assessment is by a combination of submitted assignments and practical tasks that are internally assessed and then externally verified and is a two year full time course.

The course consists of a variety of modules which provide you with an overview of the different sectors of the industry, this includes:

Units of study


Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector

This unit develops knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism sector, its component industries, their role and the interrelationships within the sector. It also develops knowledge and understanding of how the sector has developed over the last 50 years, what it is today and how it is being affected by current trends and factors.


(Year 12)

Long Haul Travel Destinations

The focus of this unit is to gain knowledge and understanding of long-haul travel destinations.

This will develop skills in locating major long-haul destinations, as well as the skills needed to plan a multicentre long-haul tour.


(Year 12)

The UK as a destination

This unit develops skills in locating destinations in the United Kingdom and also gain an overview of the UK tourism product and how it attracts and meets the needs of domestic and inbound visitors. It also develops understanding of the factors that affect tourism to and within the UK. The unit supports the development of research skills through the exploration of UK tourist destinations and their locations.


(Year 12)

The Business of Travel and Tourism

This unit develops knowledge and understanding about travel and tourism as a business and appreciate that travel and tourism organisations operate and have a role to play in a business environment.

It also explains how travel and tourism organisations gain competitive advantage to meet their aims and be successful, and will demonstrate business skills in presenting a business case for a feasible business enterprise.


(Year 13)

Preparing for Employment in the Travel and Tourism Industry

This unit develops knowledge about career opportunities in travel and tourism, and the stages of recruitment and selection. Skills will be developed in applying for employment, and understanding of the factors that motivate employees and contribute to a positive working environment


(Year 12)

Customer service in Travel and Tourism

This unit helps to gain understanding of how excellent customer service contributes to the success of travel and tourism organisations. Also the knowledge and skills to provide customer service and achieve sales in travel and tourism situations.


(Year 13)

Studying this course can lead to a diverse range of jobs including:

  • Jobs in airlines and hotels,
  • Tour operators and travel agents or involving tourist attractions,
  • Conferences and events,
  • Hospitality and entertainment.

You will also develop a range of transferable skills for progression into other sectors of work and/or university. These will include how to work independently, research actively and the ability to give presentations and be an active group member.

Key Stage 5

Why should I choose Travel & Tourism?

The UK is ranked as the 5th most popular destination with 3.3 million people working in tourism related businesses. The Level 3 Applied Travel and Tourism qualification provides an opportunity for learners who would like to gain employment in the travel and tourism sector, including retail travel, visitor attractions, accommodation, transport and tour Operations and Event Management. The specification has been designed to allow learners the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge and experiences so that particular interests and career aspirations within the travel and tourism sector can be pursued. It is equally an ideal qualification in order to access university. Assessment is by a combination of controlled assessment internally assessed and externally assessed examinations. This is a two-year full time course. Students will be required to spend at least 360 hours on taught or directed study over the two years.

What can I expect to learn?

The WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Travel and Tourism and is a two year qualification that consists of four units over a 2 year programme. Two units are externally assessed through an examination and two units are internally assessed through a controlled assessment. This qualification is awarded in grades equivalent to A-level subjects (A*- E)

What will I study?

Unit 1

The United Kingdom Tourism Product

This unit looks at what the UK offers to inbound and domestic tourists and the range of employment opportunities available. You will explore the attractions of the UK including natural landscapes, coastal resorts and cities and an understanding of why it is important to continually develop tourism and to how it is marketed.


Externally Assessed Exam 1½ hour

25% of qualification

Unit 2

Worldwide Tourism Destinations

This unit looks at what motivates people to travel and the range and appeal of worldwide tourism destinations

You will learn about the factors that motivate people to travel to long and short haul destinations. The methods of travelling to major short haul destinations and how destinations are marketed and the appeal and motivations to travel to different destinations


Internally Assessed controlled assessment

25% of qualification


Unit 3

The Dynamic Tourism Industry

This unit looks at how tourism is an ever changing industry.  You will explore the way the tourism industry responds global events such as natural disasters and the impact of changing expectations. The environmental impacts of tourism will also be studied along with how these are managed. And how the global tourism industry must respond


Externally Assessed Exam 1½ hour
25% of qualification


Unit 4

Event and Itinerary Planning

You will learn how to successfully plan a tourism event and a tour within the UK, considering a range of factors including budget, risk assessment and the target market.


Internally Assessed controlled assessment

25% of qualification

Where does this course lead?

You will learn and use a variety of transferable and employability skills much valued by employers and universities. It will prepare you for future study or training in tourism related occupations. Students who achieve this qualification will be fully prepared to enter a variety of Degree level courses in subjects such as Tourism Management, Marketing, Business, International Tourism and Event Management.

The qualification is equivalent to 1 x A2 level and will last for 2 years.

Entry Requirements: You will need at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and English