Curriculum Intent

Our intention is that all students, regardless of ability, have full and equal access to an outstanding curriculum. We strive to deliver relevant qualifications taught by excellent practitioners so that all students leave having achieved the very best academic qualifications they can, and are well prepared for life after school. Our intention is to provide an inclusive curriculum with a commitment to creative and technology subjects as well as core and EBacc, keeping as much choice for students as possible.

Our curriculum is tailored so that it is well matched to the needs of our students and offers a broad range of enrichment opportunities. This extended curriculum is planned so that it allows students to improve their skills in sport, music and the arts as well as developing leadership, organisation, resilience, independence and character.

We review the curriculum at annually in consultation with staff, students and parents and in conjunction with the Curriculum and Standards Governor Committee. We also work closely with the Curriculum Development Group through the Archdiocese of Liverpool and, through this, are part of a peer review system.

The Holy Family Learning Journey

The school has a planned curriculum or ‘Learning Journey’ which sits outside the formal curriculum. It ensures that all students have equal access to enrichment for example; cultural and sports activities, trips, community and charity work, leadership, music and drama. The Catholic ethos of the school informs tutor, assembly and collective worship with charity and community work at the heart of what we do. Each Progress Leader reviews the ‘Learning Journey’ so that there is a balance between the types of activities available e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, sports, theatre visits, charity work. The Learning Journey is shared with students and parents so they are encouraged to get involved with as many opportunities as possible.

Learning Journeys

Personal Development Programme

We also have discrete a Personal Development programme delivered by all staff and co-ordinated by the personal development team.  Aspects of citizenship, wellbeing and relationship and sex education are delivered through this programme. The motto of the school is PRIDE which stands for progress, respect, independence, determined and equipped. This is developed in everything that we do, but explicitly through the Personal Development programme where students develop their leadership and communication skills. The student leadership and student ambassadors are a visible part of the school and student voice informs part of the curriculum review.

Careers and Preparation for the Future

There is a well-planned, comprehensive programme of careers activities from Year 7 through to Year 13. The programme is linked to the local job market and responds to the interests and needs of the students. There is a direct input from teachers so that they can learn how each subject can be used in the world of work. Careers lessons are also part of the Personal Development programme which is supplemented with employer presentations, visits to college and universities, attendance at careers fairs, employer led workshops. The 6th Form have a full and detailed programme through UCAS, UNIFROG and to prepare them for university or apprenticeships.

BEST Resource Base

At Holy Family High School, we have a ‘Bespoke Education Skills and Teaching’ (BEST) Resource Base for pupils who transfer up from Year 6 into 7 with Education Health Care Plans, whose primary area of need is cognition and learning and who are working more than three years below their chronological age on arrival.   

At Key Stage 3, part of their subject delivery is provided by a primary school teacher mirroring the curriculum of their peers in the mainstream but delivered at an appropriate level to allow for access. These subjects are delivered simultaneously to their mainstream peers to allow fluidity between the two should a pupil in the BEST provision become mainstream ready in a particular subject.   

At Key Stage 4, pupils accessing the BEST provision follow a bespoke pathway tailored to their cognition and learning needs which can include entry level pathways in core subjects, level one and level two options with BTEC subjects and additionally, access to an ASDAN Award and an NCFE qualification in Food and Cookery skills. Pupils are also able to access GCSE options where this is appropriate.